Custom Landscape Construction & Design

Our CompanyAs a Full Spectrum Landscape Contractor in Ventura County, we offer the full gamut of landscape development, which involves designing and implementing both hardscape and softscape. From design phase all the way through completion of final details, the vision is realized through a careful process of good communication and competent execution.

Artistry, being an essential quality of our company, carries through the entire process, so the product is not only practical & reliable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. An artist not only pays extra attention to the finer details, but is willing to spend extra time, effort and money to produce a finer piece of work.

Committed to a Higher Standard of Excellence

Words like ‘Quality’ and ‘Excellence’ have been overused by too many professionals who have fallen short, and thus cheapened such words to empty clichés. Here at The Promised Landscape, the true meaning of Quality and Excellence is a natural aspect of our true essence. A major Facet of this integrity is rooted in a deep sense of moral standard, which results in a higher level of industry standard. Such a standard obviously delivers practical benefits in that it ensures customer satisfaction, and insures liabilities.

A Business Built on Referrals

For 20 plus years, from beginnings to now, this company has been built solely upon referrals. We have only dabbled with conventional advertisement and realized from the beginning that the best advertisement is from one happy customer referring another happy customer. The only way a company can possibly build from this form of advertisement alone is by delivering solid service and being easy to work with.

This naturally generates Repeat Customers as well. Our customers keep coming back because they know they will get true value without the hassle and disappointment. Upon request, we can provide a current client referral list for you to talk with some of these customers and see the work that we’ve done.

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Why Us

    As already mentioned, our moral standard is an integral part of our industry standard, and aspects such as excellence are inherent to our nature.


    Out of our integrity pours our artistry, as we carefully craft from one detail to the next.


    As a natural aspect of our integrity, a strong sense of duty drives us to be prompt with communication and everything needed to fulfill our obligations. Even when the job is complete and paid for, we will come right out to address any possible concerns.