Soil Treatment

Healthy soil has its own biological system -or- eco-system consisting of minerals, organic chemistry, micro & macro-organisms, etc.

The primary basis of healthy soil is -Mineral Matter (finely ground rock particles such as sand, silt and clay). Healthy mineral-based soil should have a ratio of 40% sand (large particles), 40% silt (small particles) & 20% clay (fine particles). This ratio is categorized as “Loam”. Adding sand to clay -or- visa versa will bring the soil condition closer to a loam.

The secondary basis of healthy soil is- Organic Matter (finely ground plant particles such as compost and humus) organic matter should be about a 50-50 ratio of compost (large particles) and humus (fine particles).

When cultivating your soil, we add any where from 10-30% organic matter to the mineral based soil, thoroughly tilling at least 6” deep, creating ideal soil conditions