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Stone Work

Stone Work comes in many forms ranging from simple garden walls to waterfalls and tile halls. The Promised Landscape has done some exquisite stone work and continues to do so. The element of stone adds much value to landscape design, even simple rock formations.


Concrete can be finished to make a stunning impression with different colors, textures and form. We do anything from simple slabs to fine finishes.


Pavers have some nice advantages over concrete because the paving is made up of segmented pieces which allow flexibility for earth movement and more permeability for drainage in comparison to a rigid slab of concrete. Pavers also hold their color better than concrete as well. However, in most cases, pavers cost a little more than concrete.


Walls can be made of lumber, cinder block, stone, brick, and decorative concrete block. The Promised Landscape can do any variety and style that’s preferred.


Lighting provides not only practical benefits, but can create an interesting rendition of your landscape design. We know how to layout lights for full illumination as opposed to a mere hot-spot at the bottom of a tree.


Irrigation - whether it’s overhead spray or drip irrigation, we make sure every plant is fully covered with a reliable system


We offer drainage solutions for common or more perplexing problems


Our knowledge and experience with plants can save you from getting stuck with troublesome plants that do damage or just require too much maintenance. We like to recommend plants that are easy to care for, low water, long lasting and look good most the year.

Sustainable Landscape

We love to be a part of planting orchards, or building veggie garden boxes for those who wish to grow their own food.


Aquaponics is the ultimate sustainable landscape system since it not only provides fruits and vegetables, but fresh fish meat as well READ MORE

& More

There are many other things we do such as outdoor rooms & kitchens, greenhouses, bridges & staircases, and still more