The design work we offer entails the following:

  • Meet and consult with the client to become acquainted with the needs, desires, budget, and overall objective of the customer
  • Discuss details of the various aspects of what is desired
  • Offer solutions to certain problems and educate as needed
  • Give a general estimate to see whether or not the design concepts fits the budget
  • Email the customer a plant list with images to review and choose which plants they prefer - to begin determining plant selection
  • Provide samples & pictures of proposed materials and sometimes meet at the material store
  • Collaborate with the customer’s ideas and design concepts, and research as needed
  • Draw up a top-view 2-D scaled draft of the basic layout
  • Draw the design form & arrangement with detail & color coded legend
  • Provide copies of design draft, legend & plant list
  • Stay in communication with the client as the design is implemented
  • Discuss any additions, adaptions or changes that may need to be considered

Such design service can be done for most medium size yards for an average price range of $250-300, but may reach a range of $500-700 or more depending on a number of factors such as: larger yards, multiple yards, complex yard dimensions, complex design features, additional features & changes, extra communication and meetings that may be needed to discuss & clarify details, multiple versions of different design concepts & arrangements, particular research, etc.

Average Example of Design Draft

Legend for the same Draft

3-D Draft of a Speciality Item