Decks and Patio Covers

The various materials used now for Decks & Patio Covers are almost as diverse as the multiple possibilities of various design layouts and configurations. There is usually a good deal of research & design work which goes into these features, which must coordinate with city planning to comply with building codes & permits.

Determining the particular material, color, design & configuration, and making sure it complies with the city is usually the most difficult part. Sometimes even an engineer is needed. Once a viable plan is established, the work may commence.

Besides the use of good-old-fashion wood, decks can be made with different kinds of composite material which mimic the look of wood. It may be hard to find or afford a material that looks as authentic a real wood, but the maintenance is much easier. Real wood requires annual treatment to remain looking good.

Many patio covers are being made with Vinyl, but again, there are the pros & cons of real wood verses fake. If the structure is going to be a certain color, then sometimes you may as well use a vinyl or composite material, but just know that most of these materials are not paintable and the colors they come in are limited. There is nothing quite like genuine wood, but just consider the maintenance needs before deciding.