“Scott Yonker, owner of The Promised Landscape, is dedicated to understanding what his clients need and want, while doing business with integrity and product delivery of top-notch caliber

The Promised Landscape is a small company that makes big impressions. For over 20 years the company has been making its mark throughout Ventura County with its unique quality. During this time, the company has maintained a clean record with no disputes, claims or complaints. See License Status

Most people immediately feel at ease when meeting with Scott Yonker, owner of The Promised Landscape, because of his sincere and down to earth character. While he is not devoid of eloquence, he’d prefer to let his work speak for him. He is a very hands-on-contractor who sees every detail through, being quite conscientious as he does all things as if he’s doing it for God.

Originally the name of the company was ‘Gardening Your Way’ – but Scott wished to have a name that exuded both his profession and his faith, so decided on The Promised Landscape in 2003. The company has always had Scott’s personal touch to differentiate from larger companies that tend to miss a number of details.

Over the years, Scott has become all the more well-rounded in both craftsmanship and character, which naturally improves the value his company has to offer. Diversifying with different services such as aquaponics, as well as adapting to the current need for drought tolerant & xeroscape gardens, Scott has steered the company to being continually updated and relevant.

For the most part, the company does one job at a time so to give each job the undivided attention needed to properly execute in a timely manner. This is not the usual for most contractors who juggle several jobs at a time with the tendency to miss details and take too long for completion.